Zambesi Interview with Neville and Elisabeth

Neville Finlay of ZAMBESI

Aja:  How does designing eyewear differ from designing clothing?

Neville: I think the process is basically the same for Zambesi because we have a particular slant on design and its not obvious and its not gimmicky it tends to have a slightly masculine feel to it. There is always a little bit of a quirk about it or a just something subtle that is different.

One of the really beautiful small details of the glasses is that they are matte and shiny parts of them are matte and parts are shiny.  And if you look at the hinges one part is matte and the other is shiny its just those little details. Also we have not gone big on logos it’s just about refining the shapes and getting the best quality that we can.

Aja:  Was it a natural progression for Zambesi to move onto eyewear?

Neville: We have wanted to do it for a long time and we should have done it years ago but there are always other things that get in the way and we didn’t want to do it half cocked we wanted to make sure we did it right so we actually spent eighteen months developing the styles and getting the right production, they are all hand made Japan.

Elisabeth Findlay of ZAMBESI

Aja:  What makes your eyewear different from others on the market?

Elisabeth: There are subtleties in the materials and the coloration there suttle little things but if you take time to have a look you will see what those subtleties are.  I love classic things.

Aja:  I love how light the frames feel on my face when I wear them.

Elisabeth: Yes we took time to refine them and these particular frames are very easy and light to wear these are all things we considered during design process.

Aja:  Thank-you for having me along tonight