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Slash and Myles Kennedy at the Vector arena Friday, July 17th…

Slash and his band, fronted by Alter Bridge’s Myles Kennedy, together they are Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators and they let the riffs and hooks fly freely. Though there are enough left turns to keep listeners on their toes.

For those die hard Axle fans you’re not going to love this but Myles Kennedy certainly gave Axle Rose a run for his money when belting out Sweet Child O’ Mine on Friday night. Myles voice may not be as versatile as Axle’s but he did not play vocal chameleon either with his high range.

It’s happened before the famous guitarist decideds to ride solo, hires some nobodies and hits the road and stands awkwardly front stage while the others prance around him.

But then their is Slash…

Myles Kennedy upfront… center belting out each and every note, Slash occupying stage left, together they put on a great rock show.

Slash is without a doubt a can’t-miss live act, his guitar screams undyingly riff after riff and just when you think his fingers are going to start smoking and light on fire… he unleashes again.

The highlight for me was of course the 6x Guns N’ Roses songs along with the Slither – Velvet Revolver.

Here is the set list kids: