How to Keep Makeup in Place

Make-up Primer

What is a make-up primer?

Makeup primer is a secret weapon in the stage makeup realm, but it can be used on anyone to keep makeup in place throughout the day. These cremes and gels can also fill in wrinkles or lines to create an ideal blank canvas for your makeup masterpieces. Primers minimize fine lines, temporarily remove dark spots and set the canvas for makeup coverage that lasts beyond the workday.

The types of makeup primers are :
1. Face primer (before foundation and after moisturizer)
2. Eye primer (before eye shadow)
3. Lip primer (before lipstick)
4. Lash primer (before mascara)

And my favorite primer is drum roll…

Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer ($39)

Pros of this primer:
 Water-based primer is less irritating for sensitive skin
 Formula feels light and natural on the skin
 Great at helping makeup stay in place
 The primer really does help smooth skin texture and improve your complexion
 Did not exasperate my extremely oily complexion


  • hard to find one 🙂

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