Azealia Banks – Dazed and Confused

Azealia Banks covers the magazine Dazed and Confused September issue blowing on a condom with the text, “Blows Up”.

She is the new queen on the music block, and of course she has turned heads recently with this cover photo where she is seen holding an inflated red condom to her lips, which she appears to be smoking like a cigar. This cover has been banned in 7 countries already according to the magazine.

Are the days gone where artist promote a healthy attitude towards sex by just saying ‘have safe sex’ ?

The message may have had less impact but surely the fans would get the message – if she is a talented as her album sales suggest is there a need to promote her musical talents through her sexuality?

It’s seems the controversial, banned cover has overshadowed the content of the article where she is tear-jerkingly honest about her father dying of cancer, her mother having “issues,” her path to stardom and becoming highly sexual at a young age. (you don’t say)

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