Separating Fact from Fear – Vaccination

I remember very clearly with 2 pre-schoolers and the fear of Meningitis sweeping the country.  There were images of limbless children used to terrify us so we would rock up and have our precious babes injected with a vaccine we know bugger all about but were told to trust.

I was so torn between the horrifying thought of my child contracting the disease and the possibility that I could be offering him up for something unknown or far worse.

He had already had a severe reaction to his first dose of MMR and I was very reluctant to go there again…….

Yes, I did give my first child the first shot against Meningitis – and yes he reacted very badly.  This was about the same time that I started working in the nutrition industry and my world was opening up to the wealth of information, research and clinical evidence that was not readily available to the average consumer.  His reaction wasn’t life threatening, but it was bad enough for me to fill my boots with knowledge and make the decision to never vaccinate again.

Six years later I know now that there is a case for vaccination, done the right way. Single dose vaccines delivered orally therefore entering the body in the way the contagion would naturally, allowing our child’s immune system to have a natural response; is effective and safe in most cases.

Good luck with trying to get that done!!  I also know there is mounting evidence to show how harmful multi-dose vaccines can be in infants and the link to autism is very hard to ignore.

The best defence against any disease or illness is to have a robust and healthy immune system, this is achieved by reducing the toxic load we are exposed to and ensuring that we have a nutrient dense diet.  I radically changed my children’s diet at this time and since then there has not been one dose of antibiotics used in our house, nor a viral infection that has ever lasted more than a day or two.

There is currently another vaccine being heavily pushed onto naive parents, Gardasil. I am not going to tell anyone to vaccinate or not, it is a personal choice, but make that choice in the context of knowledge.

Watch this short movie and share it with anyone you know who has teenage daughters. In the holistic medical circles I work I had heard whispers a few years back about the dangers of this vaccine. In fact it was a very conservative doctor who first expressed her concerns to me.

Do some critical thinking for yourself, consider the trillion dollar industry behind the manufacturing of drugs and vaccines. Gather information from different sources (not just three opinions from the one book) and don’t be frightened to say No if that is what your gut is telling you.

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