Food Inspiration – Dr Libby’sThe Real Food Chef

I was very fortunate to be invited to the launch of Dr Libby’sThe Real Food Chef on Tuesday night.

I was absolutely blown away by the dedication of Dr. Libby and Cynthia Louise to the health and wellbeing of others.

Dr Libby Weaver has published two other books, Accidentally Overweight and Rushing Woman’s Syndrome, Dr Libbby’s Real Food Chef  is her latest.

Dr libby is one of Australia’s leading nutrition specialists and weight loss experts based in Auckland, New Zealand. (how lucky are we?!)

Dr Libby has teamed up with Chef Cythia Louise, who’s focus is whole foods, food as nature intended, that are then created into dishes that appeal to everyone. Cynthia completed her formal training at a leading health retreat on Australia’s Gold Coast.

An intimate crowd gathered in the Auckland CBD to listen to both chef Cynthia Louise and Dr Libby explain the healing powers of plants. I have never experienced two people that are so passionate about food.

It seems to be only a matter of time before Dr. Libby will be sharing her knowledge “with the World.”

The recipes seem easy and a no brainer approach to getting back to basics in the kitchen and cutting out over processed, nutrient deprived foods to achieve the ultimate gift… Health!

I felt blessed to have a chemistry lesson as the ladies explained in depth the benefits of maintaining a balanced PH level in your body and how to achieve this through plant food.

Then there were the tasters – a few of the recipes from the new book –  WOW the are so full of flavor and super satisfying.

I have had this lovely book in my hand for a almost a week now and have had at least a smoothy a day! I’m kinda addicted! And my tot loves them, anything that is tasty enough for a tot gets my seal of approval!

Do your body, soul, and mind a favor – go out and get this book!!

The second time I’ve made San Choy Bow ( I replaced lettuce cups with large spinach leaves) It tastes way better than I make it look ; )


Green Smoothie…. 

The seal of approval, smiles all around…

My Mission is to educate and inspire,

Enhance people’s health and happiness,

igniting a ripple effect

that transforms the world.

~ Dr Libby

You can purchase the book online here

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