We were running a weight loss challenge at work, a guy I knew by sight in the next door offices signed up, he wanted to lose a few kilos.

As I got talking to him and his story unfolded, I realised losing a few kilo’s was the least of his worries.

The more I listened the sadder I got as everything he was now suffering from was completely the result of pharmaceutical drugs, taking what seemed the easy option at the time, and terrible misinformation.

This man now in his early fifties, actually looked a bit like a burns survivor. The skin on his face was very ruddy and inflamed and his hands looked like scare tissue. I didn’t see any more of his body but he told me his legs were terrible and if he knocked his skin it would bust apart. He’d had massive tumours removed, causing nerve damage and had changed his work, taking a big pay cut because he needed a safe desk job to protect his body.

Why did this make me so sad, because this all started with Eczema. YES Eczema. And at that time (and still largely now), the treatment for Eczema was steroid creams; and when the steroid creams stopped working they moved him up to prednisone. He has now been on prednisone for so long that his adrenal glands have stopped working and will never function properly again. When you look at this man you can see he is inflamed, inflamed on the inside and out, when inflammation is unresolved, cancer is generally not far behind, as he has already experienced.

Imagine this story differently. Young boy with eczema is put on a whole food vegan diet for a period of time and the body is given high dose supplements, natural anti-inflammatories, Omega 3, Proflavanol, Vit C just to name a few. The things in his world that are causing the inflammation are slowly identified and his body is given the space to calm and heal.  What would his life be like now? Yes he may well be on a very restricted diet, but he would be well, his body and his life would be his own and his choices would not be dictated by the state of his health.  Eczema is the body giving a great big loud signal that it needs help. Why do we then try and turn the fire alarm off rather than put out the fire.

Don’t get me wrong there is a time and a place for all that the sickness industry has to offer, in crisis and emergency it is incredible. They keep us a live but don’t necessarily make us well.

However if we continue to turn to the pharmaceutical industry for our wellness solutions, in most cases we are going to end up sicker.

Paula Gosney – Nutrition Matters.

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