Guess and Claudia Schiffer a match made in Heaven

“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged,” Nelson Mandela wrote once, “to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.”

Unless you’re Claudia Schiffer, of course, and returning to the brand that launched your name several decades ago proves just how much you’ve stayed the same.

I can remember as a young girl idolizing the Guess girls and wanting to be just like them. Claudia Schiffer in particular, with her voluminous hair, blue eyes, perfect smile and curvaceous body.

Claudia, for me was my ’80’s model’ and the model that launched Guess into a brand that was recognized around the world… or was it Guess that launched Claudia Shiffers career? I Guess (wink wink) it depends on who you are asking.

More than a decade on Guess has launched their 30 year anniversary campagne which feature none other than Claudia Shiffer looking like she hasn’t aged one bit!

Shot by one of my favorite photographers Ellen Von Unwerth who specializing in erotic femininity.

Claudia Schiffer by Ellen Von Unwerth | Guess 30th Anniversary Ad Campaign VIII

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