Trending Tribal Accessories

Tribal Accessories!!!


Bottega Veneta

Michael Kors

Proenza Schouler

Dress, Tom Ford, Wedge, Donna Karan New York

There are great low cost way to achieve this look by layering several necklaces.

I like to go to a shop on K rd. called 3rd eye it is a new age shop and buy metal tribal looking necklaces and pair them with a black dress to achieve this look.

Also Diva hava a lot of tribal looking pieces that don’t break the bank but achieve the same look when layered.

One thought on “Trending Tribal Accessories

  1. I love this look it is very cool!
    You’re right it doesnt have to be Burberry to look like Burberry it’s all about how you wear it.
    Have you got any shots of yourself wearing these looks?

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