Since the age of 19 I started to get more interested in ‘how to dress’ and tried a bit of everything. I’ve never been the casual girl, I wanted to wear clothes who’d stand out. (and that wasn’t always in a good way) How I would describe my style now? Rock & Bohemian. I’ve worn a lot of black, hippy colorful, skater-ish but now I found the style I really like and feel comfortable in. Band t-shirts, high waisted shorts, hats, galaxy tops and studs, yes a lot of studs. I like to combine this with a feathers (a feel from my ancestors), whimsical goddess and Rock and Roll all the way. Converse, or Supras, biker boots to sky high Louboutin heels its all about finding your personal style. My style is influenced by music too I love AC/DC, Metallica, Led Zeppelin to At the Drive, The Doors, Fleetwood Mac, The Cure, The Clash, Pink Floyd, Cream, The Dead, The Who, Guns and Roses the list goes on AND its nice to wear a pretty dress I’m a rockin’ gypsy bohemian warrior 😉


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