My Favorite Exfoliants


Love the scent and texture of this exfoliating scrub. It is like icing, with small/medium rough flecks that effectively polish and smooth skin. I have pretty normal (slightly oily) skin, and this is a great scrub that I use 1-2 times/week. I immediately notice a difference in my skin texture, which becomes smooth and silky.


The Clinique has always been a classic for me it’s oil free and works well if you have breakout prone or oily skin. It has a very refreshing smell. The sand the exfoliant is very fine a little goes a long way. The scrub de-flakes skin, unclogs pores and softens fine lines. If you haven’t tried I would give it a go but once a week is good enough with this one.


It removes dead skin without leaving sensitive types red-faced.  And it’s loaded with good-for-you ingredients like bearberry and grapefruit, which brighten skin, and colloidal oatmeal and green tea to soothe.


This makes your skin feel like you have just stepped out of from the spa. It’s an amazing product whisk away dead skin cells and exfoliate without redness or irritation it can be Murad products are available at Caci Clinic.

Which one is your favorite have you tried any or have I missed one of your favorites?

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