Toxic Load – Is your Liver not Coping?

The incredible work that is done in our liver is only comparable to the trillions of actions and reactions that happen on a minute by minute basis of the largest computer operating systems in the world.

It is truly amazing the daily work load carried out by this organ tucked up under our ribs on the right hand side of our body.

Did you know that almost every chemical compound that enters our body whether we absorb it through our skin, inhale it or ingest it that cannot be used by our body in some productive way, has to be broken down in our liver, so it is small enough and friendly enough to be excreted?

It is a wonder our liver doesn’t turn putrid and give up the job entirely by the time we are thirty with the toxic load we are soaking it in every day.

These compounds enter our liver through the main highway where it is altered once; it then sits in what is effectively a holding room, waiting to be broken down (detoxified) through one of the five detoxification pathways. As these detoxification pathways get banked up – a little like a traffic jam, our body starts to tell us it needs some help.

Any of these symptoms may be a sign that your liver is not coping. Bloating or gassiness, skin irritation or allergies, rashes, psoriasis, eczema, boils or acne. Heavy or clotted periods, fibroids in your boobs or uterus, hot flashes, cysts on your ovaries and mood swings. Chronic fatigue, inflammation, headaches, nausea and the most obvious one – your hangovers are getting worse and worse!

What can you do? Reduce your liver loaders.

–        stop drinking all together for a month and then have 3-4 alcohol free days a week

–        stop or cut out caffeine

–        change your skincare to a clean chemical free skincare

–        look to reduce your exposure to nasty chemicals where ever possible – eat organic, change your household cleaners and avoid processed food

What can you do to heal your liver?

–        water and lots of it

–        heaps of vegetables every day

–        start taking a pharmaceutical grade multi-vitamin, one that does not have Vit A or Iron in it.

–        use a top notch liver cleansing product – there are only a couple of good ones out there.

One of my favourite experts with a PhD in Nutrition and Biochemistry is Dr Libby Weaver. She is a real doctor, one that creates wellness. Watch this movie if you want to really understand what creates high cholesterol and the roll your toxic liver can play.

Dr Libby explains cholesterol and the liver


Paula Gosney. 

Nutrition Matters

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