Shaping Eyebrows tips

7 Basic Eyebrow Shaping Tips You Should Know ...

Eyebrows can be one of the hardest things to maintain, that is why we all can use some eyebrow shaping tips. Well manicured eyebrows help define and shape your entire face, by opening up your eye area. As you can see knowing some good eyebrow shaping tips is important to your beauty routine. 


I know how painful and annoying plucking eyebrows can be. But the truth is, it’s even worth with crappy tweezers. Do the right thing and invest in some quality tweezers. You want them to have flat slanted ends. You also need a good magnifying mirror, lash comb, and manicure scissors to do the job right.


Start by trimming those bad boys up. Sometimes I noticed certain hairs in my eyebrows grow at wicked fast speeds. I swear there is one hair that I trim at least twice a week. To trim your brows start by brushing them into place following the direction of the hair growth. Trim up anything that is too long or out of place. Now you see why you the having a lash comb and manicure scissors is important.


No one wants a unibrow right? I don’t have a unibrow, but I do have a few hairs that pop up in odd places between my brows. I think they are trying to form together, but I won’t let it happen. I once read an eyebrow shaping tipthat said your eyebrows should start straight up from the inner corner of your eye. I do away with anything that grows in between those two points.


When you are tweezing your brows, color in the shape you want to keep. I suggest doing it with a darker color that you can really see. Use an eyeliner pencil. Pluck out anything that isn’t in the colored area, by starting at the bottom inner corner and tweezing out towards the end, following the direction of the hair growth.


Probably one of the best eyebrow shaping tips is to work on both sides at the same time. Switch from side to side and check your work as you go. You want the brows to match as much as possible, but don’t stress out if they aren’t identical.


If your current hair color is significantly darker or lighter than you natural hair color, your eyebrows probably stand out. Ask your colorist about what you can do to bring your eyebrows closer to your hair color. She should be able to tint them or bleach them for you to match.


Pencil thin eyebrows just don’t look good. Stop several times while you are plucking to make sure you haven’t done too much. If you do over pluck, let everything grow back to give you a fresh start before doing it again.

I hope these eyebrow shaping tips will help others keep their eyebrows from looking wild and out of control. What are your shaping tips? We all need a few pointers to getting our eyebrows to look their best. I’d love to hear how you keep looking their best.

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