Strange Yet Effective Beauty Rituals to Consider

Women have done pretty bizarre things in the name of beauty and as crazy as it sounds, you have to wonder whether their crazy shenanigans are really effective beauty treatments, right?! As daring as I am, there are some things that I just won’t try for the sake of looking good like bull semen as a hair treatment, or rejuvenating my skin with snail secretions. But, I am certainly willing to try some of the less intrusive yet odd beauty treatments listed below. Keep reading to try out some of the strange yet effective beauty rituals for yourself or just read purely for your entertainment!


Even the most seasoned faux tanning pros can slip up and have a bad day on occasion, so this weird but true beauty fix is for the faux glow loving ladies! If you happen to goof up on fake bake, try using some whitening toothpaste on your palms to get rid of leftover tanning lotion. If you happen to find some unsightly streaks on your body from fake tanning, try mixing water and baking soda and applying it to the uneven area to get a more uniform look.


One of the oldest and oddest yet effective beauty rituals around is using two popular gastrointestinal liquid medications as facial masks. If you have oily skin, try applying around 1 tbsp of Milk of Magnesia on all of your face with a cotton pad or brush and leave it on for about 20 minutes and rinse off. MOM is a gentle alternative to a clay mask and accomplishes the same goal of drawing out excess oil. Some ladies like using MOM as an anti-shine treatment and apply it to oily areas of their face prior to applying makeup. Pepto Bismol is another great option for those who want a rejuvenating treatment for their skin. Apply about 2 tbsp of the pink stuff to your face and let it dry. Pepto is said to contain ingredients that smooth skinand loosen up zits. Use caution when using these masks if you have sensitive skin or allergies to any of the ingredients in either medication.


Garlic gets a bad rap for giving us stinky breath, but it’s actually a potent little guy that’s a weird but true beauty fix. If you have problems with brittle and weak fingernails that prevent you from growing out your nails, cut up some garlic and rub the surface of the garlic on your nails. Keep at it and you’ll notice a difference in the look and feel of your nails! Yeah, your nails will probably have a less than desirable scent so be sure to do this beauty ritual when you’re spending the evening at home!


Another oldie but goody and effective beauty ritual is to use either a potato or cucumber slice on your eyes to get rid of puffiness. Other quick remedies include using a spoon that’s been stored in the freezer on your eye or applying a cooled tea bag to your eyes to reduce swelling. All of these fixes are easy and cheap, so it just depends on what you have access to. In the old days many people swore by applying hemorrhoid cream, Preparation H, under the eyes to reduce under eye bags due to the live yeast in the formula that helped shrink inflamed tissues, but don’t fall for it! Preparation H is not meant for your face so stick to the more natural remedies!


This might be one of the most bizarre yet reportedly effective beauty rituals I’ve heard about as of late-applying deodorant to your face on areas that tend to be shiny and gather beads of sweat to keep excess moisture and sweat at bay. Get an unscented deodorant and apply it to the areas of your face that tend to get sweaty and shiny with amakeup brush then apply makeup as usual! Makes sense, but again if you have sensitive skin, make sure you read the list of ingredients carefully to avoid any allergic reactions.


If you have cracked heels or dry skin on your feet you’ll be less than enthused to wear open-toed and slingback shoes, but consider this strange beauty tip that works for an effective and inexpensive fix for feet! Diaper rash cream applied to dry and rough areas like elbows, knees, and feet help moisturize and repair your skin for soft and smooth skin you’ll be proud to show off!


One of the most common yet effective beauty rituals these days is to grab baby powder (it works like a dry shampoo) to alleviate an oily scalp or freshen up unwashed hair. Another quick fix for old or oilyhair is to use a packet of plain oatmeal, sprinkle the dry oats onto your scalp and brush out. Oatmeal works just as well as baby powder and is also easy to brush out of your hair. So the next time you’re in need of a wash and don’t have access to shampoo, head to the kitchen!

Sometimes the strangest solutions make the most effective beauty rituals! It’s fun to discover new and easy fixes to our beauty problems, but just remember to exercise caution when using some of these solutions as you never know if you’ll have a bad reaction to an ingredient in some of these products. Have you ever accidentally discovered a beauty treatment that works wonders? What are some of your favorite strange but effective beauty tips?

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