Collections – Jessica Aggrey Jewellery

Yesterday I was given an opportunity to view the stunning Jessica Aggrey’s beautiful jewelry line.

Jessica Aggrey’s inspiration comes from a real passion for jewels and gems.

“Growing up in Ghana, West Africa was the start of my lifelong obsession in the way people adorn themselves,” she says, “My paternal grandmother was a gold trader on the coast and growing up I was surrounded by women with great style and an appreciation for jewellery.”

Aggrey has been designing and creating her unique jewellery designs in New Zealand since the early 90’s. After a Diploma  at Auckland’s MIT, she set up her first jewellery studio, Tempietto, on Queen St  while in her early twenties. She later opened her well-loved store Mettle 22 in Ponsonby where she traded for several years.

Aggrey’s design work is unique in New Zealand and melds her Kiwi love of nature, with the stunning and glamorous adornment she witnessed in her father’s African homeland. All Aggrey’s pieces are hand crafted in both New Zealand and her second home, Bali. Each one is handmade and hand finished, using sterling silver, gold, semi-precious and precious stones.

Jessica Aggrey Jewellery has a classic refinement with a bold current edge, transcending the whims of fashion and creating instant classics & modern heirlooms.

Natural Selection

Feather pendantNelumba EarringRoma HoopsRoma's Garden earring

Due North

Protection Gem EarringProtection Gem EarringProtection Gem Earring
Protection 4 Band RingLady Liberty 5 Band RingPrayerful Pearls

Due North Banner EarringProtection Shield Earring

Cinema Selection

Busby  Necklace 




1977 Drop pendantKeyhole Earring 2Fidgit BangleVictoria RingFidgit BangleImmaculate Cross pendant largeKnotted ringWhy Knot ? ring

Jessica Aggrey is truly an artist.

I will absolutely be rocking at least one of these pieces around town in the future so watch out!

Her collection can be found online here 

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