Purple Fashion Magazine

Purple is a French fashion, art and culture magazine.

The magazine was founded in 1992  by Elein Fleiss and Olivier Zahm.

It was the result of a reaction against  the superficial glamour of the 1980’s inspired by magazines like Interview, and Helmut Newton’s Illustrated, but with the philosophy of what usually is referred to as anti-fashion.

And yet when I search ‘Purple Fashion’ mag nation for a subscription it comes under the subtitle mainstream fashion – I am not too sure the editors will be happy about this. Although it seems that anti-fashion has become more fashionable than ever!

That said I enjoy reading its online version it is a beautiful composition of art and fashion with a little bit of a cheeky attitude towards mainstream anything which I like.

Go check it out online or order a copy from mag nation.

Here are some excerpts from the most recent issue featuring publicity shots with handwritten text by the artists.

IMG_0276 hi res copie IMG_0284 hi res copie
IMG_0300 hi res copie

check out the mag here

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