Disease Healing the Body



Dis – ease 

Have you ever thought about what the word disease means. Dis-ease; it means being not at ease. Your body is not at ease, and it is expressing that to you through the symptoms you experience as sickness; by growing a tumour, inflaming a joint, blocking an artery, attacking its own cells, catching every virus it walks past through poor defenses.

Every cell in our body is connected to every cell in our body. Our eye is not in isolation to our foot, to our skin, to our stomach. If we cover our skin in chemical laden skincare a small amount soaks in and is moved around the body through the many systems that are used to transport, filter, absorb and clean; it will have an impact somewhere. Just as eating horrible food affects our moods and energy levels or sucking up to many petrol fumes creates a rash. Everything is connected and affected.

When the body is sick, the whole body is sick.  We are taught to think of a disease as an isolated incident in our body.  Like cancer – cancer is the tumour. But cancer is not the tumor otherwise when we cut it out it would be gone, it is not in most cases unless massive change is made. Cancer is the state our body is in that allows cancer to grow.  The tumour is the expression of that state.

Arthritis we are told is inflammation of the joints – and yes that is the expression of the dis-ease in our body. But the dis-ease itself is a whole lot of systems and processes in the body failing to do their job and the end result is the inflammation in the joints.

Wellness is not a great mystery.  Drugs do not heal the body, surgery doesn’t heal the body, radiation doesn’t heal the body, shutting down the immune system doesn’t heal the body.  Yes all these things have a place and are lifesaving at the right time and I am truly grateful for them, but they do not create the wellness we are all looking for.

If there is a fire burning in your house, the firemen don’t come rushing in and turn the fire alarm off and then leave; they put out the fire.  Think of the healing of your body in the same way, yes turn the fire alarm off if it is unbearable and then focus on the reason it was sounding in the first place; look for solutions to put the fire out.

Create the environment in your body so the whole body heals, toxin avoidance, stress management, whole food, exercise, and high dose pharmaceutical grade supplements.

Have an awesome awesome 2013 and make your health resolution this year to take responsibility for your health, don’t expect wellness from your doctor, a bottle or fad diet. You create it, through knowledge and making different choices.

Paula Gosney 

Nutrition Matters

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