Tom Ford Private Blend Lipsticks

tom ford makeup_spring ad campaign

THERE’S BEEN a lot of debate on the beauty blogs about whether Tom Ford’s £35 luxury Private Blend lipsticks, launched back in April, are worth it. So we decided to go and check them out for ourselves.


Wonderful old-school Hollywood glamour and yes, feels good to pick-up and hold. Extremely pleasing to the eye a this is the kind of lipstick you want to nonchalantly pull out of your handbag while on a dinner date to re-apply.


I also got to check out the new Tom Ford Black Orchid Limited Edition collection which comprises of a dark Black Orchid lipstick, a glossy Black Orchid nail polish and pressed perfume. All divinely packaged in black. Two coats of the nail polish on short nails gave a strong autumn look and have lasted without chipping nearly four days, which is a record in my book.

Tom Ford Black Orchid Set - white background1

So, yes, the Tom Ford products may be pricey but you are paying for quality, long-lasting products in luxe packaging. Every girl who loves her makeup deserves at least a taste of this.

Available to order here

2 thoughts on “Tom Ford Private Blend Lipsticks

  1. I didn’t know he did makeup too. It has to be fuaulobs…everything he touches is fab. I too hope he is working on a new film. “A Single Man” was my favorite far and above everything I saw last year and I saw a lot! I think he had the makings of a great director.

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