Tara Wolf Jewellery for the body mind and soul….


Recently I have been wearing some beautiful jewellery that combines so many lovely elements.


The element of enlightenment:

These chakra bracelets focus on the balancing of Chakras, there is a booklet that is included with each piece that tells you what this piece is means.

For instance I am wearing the Crown Chakra (which is the 7th Chakra ) piece at the moment, the booklet included tells you about the chakra and what energy the piece encompasses.

Beauty & Inspiration:

Beautifully designed Chakra bracelets with 24ct gold vermeil  and .925 sterling silver disc bound with a natural adjustable silk cord.  They are stunning and I am often asked “what does that symbol mean?” it is a great conversation piece.

Spiritual Wellbeing:

Chakras are centers within our energy field where Life Force flows into and out of our being, on the physical as well as the emotional, mental, etheric and spiritual levels. Depending on our ability to release old stuck energies, we can either be enlivened or burdened by our chakra centers. That’s where chakra meditation comes in. As we focus on the Light within us we spontaneously release what stands in the way of our experience of Light, Love, and WellBeing.

If you are looking for a piece of jewelery with meaning and a whole lot of beauty check these out:

Also they have added Zodiac signs to the range which are so stunning!!

I would like to wear a LEO, GEMINI and CANCER these are my children and husband’s signs 🙂

products_60_1_thumb products_75_1_thumb products_76_1_thumb

View the beautiful range here: http://www.tarawolf.com.au

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