Facts about Aluminium in Antiperspirants

Aluminium salts are widely used in antiperspirants because they chemically and/or physically block sweat secretion.

It is well known that excessive aluminum exposure is potentially toxic and could result in anemia, bone disease and dementia,   but most antiperspirants containing aluminum are thought to be relatively safe,  at least in non-pregnant women.

Some manufacturers suggest that the usage of such antiperspirants is safe for pregnant women, the pregnancy risk classification for the most common active ingredients in antiperspirants, aluminium chloride hexahydrate and aluminium zirconium tetrachlorohydrex, were set at category C.  This rating indicates that the substance could cause potential damage to the fetus,  and that pregnant women should avoid the substance if possible.

Antiperspirants with Large Amounts of Aluminum:

  • 5 Day Antiperspirant Pads (25%)
  • Mitchum Power Gel (25%)
  • Certain DriSolid (25%)
  • ODABAN Spray(20%)
  • Drysol and Xerac AC® Solid (20%)
  • Mitchum Solid (20%)
  • Secret Clinical Strength Solid (20%)
  • Gillete Clinical Strength Solid (20%)
  • Anhydrol Forte Roll-on (20%)

Antiperspirants with Moderate Amounts of Aluminum:

  • Secret Regular Strength Invisible Solid (19%)
  • Ban Invisible solid (19%)
  • Suave 24 Hour Protection Solid (18.2%)
  • Degree invisible Solid (17.8%)
  • Sure Original Solid (16%)
  • Lady Speed Stick Solid 24/7 (15.4%)
  • Dove Invisible Solid (14.8%)
  • Soft and Dri Clear Glide Invisible Solid (13%)
  • Certain Dri Roll-on (12%)

Aluminum-Free Antiperspirant Brands:

  • Tom’s of Maine
  • Jason’s Natural
  • Desert Essence
  • Crystal
  • Ombra
  • Crystal Rock – Body Spray* <—— I use this one and it works great!!


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