Why I use Electrolytes inAll My Water….

elete 540ml 250ml and Pocket Bottle

I have been using Electrolytes to stay hydrated for 2 years now they keep my  muscles working in tip-top condition and help them recover quickly following exertion.  Electrolytes provide balanced ions of magnesium, potassium, sodium and chloride without carbs, sugars, or any artificial ingredients.

Have a look at the sugar content in most sports drinks!

There is upwards of 14 grams of sugar!

AND even the ‘ZERO’ sports drinks without sugar have artificial sweetening chemicals… YUCK!

Some of the roles of the Major Electrolytes: Potassium: Muscle function; nerve conduction; water and acid balance; supports cardiovascular function; helps prevent muscle cramps. Magnesium: Nerve conduction; muscle function; energy production and flow; supports cardiovascular and respiratory function; helps prevent muscle cramps. Sodium: Nerve conduction; muscle contraction; water and acid-base balance; thirst response. Chloride: Water and acid-base balance; oxygen exchange; the most abundant anion outside the cell.

My Electrolyte of choice is Elete I can get it at my local chemist and I also have the elite Tablytes with me which are a pill form – which is great when I am not at home – these are essential if you are consuming alcohol and do not want a champagne headache in the morning 🙂

Tablytes Bottle

I have seen a big improvement in my muscles agility since taking electrolytes. I also have less leg cramps after workouts and I am less fatigued.

If you haven’t tried an electrolyte and you are an active person I would recommend giving them a go.

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