Yoga Mum

My hubby thought it was pretty funny to sit and read this I front of me on the airplane back from Australia…. I didn’t realise they were handing them out! My face was many shades of red. ☺️I am grateful to have the opportunity to have such wonderful photos with my baby girl. #yoga 💞 thank-you @womansdaynz 💋


4 thoughts on “Yoga Mum

  1. Lovely article! My mil brings me the collected magazines of three households when she visits (lol her way of introducing culture or something) and you have so far been in a couple of them. When it mentioned you had a blog I immediately googled you. I have 4 babes, my oldest is 7 and my littlest is turning 1 on tuesday, and any weight I put on during pregnancy completely melts off. While we normally eat an unprocessed, whole food diet its a serious struggle during the first 6 months of baby and breastfeeding and we end up eating alot of crap. I dont workout (love my yoga and pilates!) much during that time either but weight wise? Easily back to my pre-pregnancy size. Thanks to not enough workouts its not exactly toned lol but still, no excess. I just wanted to let you know, for the next time you feel bullied about it, I get it! Sometimes it really is just simple body type/genetics. I see alot of people putting the weight loss down to being famous, having money, having extra help etc etc etc. Well, I’m a 30yo home educating hippy mama of 4 on my husbands very UNfamous one income and I’m proof that it has more to do with a longterm healthy approach than your status in a magazine 😉 I’m looking forward to reading through your blog x

    1. Hi!
      Gosh I am sorry for the SUPER late reply ut just stumbled across your comment.

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by, and how is everything going with your babes?? 4?! wow…. well done!

      I appreciate your support, it was very difficult to be commented on like that especially when i had just a new prem baby.

      Also I endeavour to encourage and help other woman with what momma body issues they may have and how I can help them with any food or exercise tips… 🙂

      Hope you’re well and again thanks for stopping by.
      x aja

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