Balancing Act – sleep vs work

Every parent knows the daily challenge that is the balancing act! 

There is always something  to do when you have kids, how many times have you heard a mom say : “it never stops!” 

It’s also important to make the time for yourself and the things you are passionate about and love. – I struggle with this as I find it hard to say no to what my kids like to do 🙂

It’s soo easy to get caught up in everything there is to do and not leave room for what important for you – this is something  that I struggle with! (Open to any tips!) 

I’ve kept my children at home until they were 3. This has always been important for me, I believe it provides foundation for their future life potential. For example to sleep in their own beds at nap time and spend time with people they’re farmiliar with for bonding, going to swimming lessons, music and movements classes, jumping beans!

After 3 they are faced with so many new challenges of life, socialising, preschool as they get used to the idea of going to school. 

All of these things can be super time consuming especially if you have more than one child and you’re trying to start a business or run any sort of business. 

Running a home with multiple children  is a full time business in itself 🙂 

Which brings me to this post, it’s important to also take care of yourself get rest, exercise, eat well…. Put time into your work projects. 

If you are able to find the balance you will be able to give more to your children. Any tips are welcome… 

Im in my bed, so that kinda counts as rest, right? Creative things are happening… Watch this space for my new project!! 

Aaaaand I hear baby waking…. Gotta run!! X 



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