Pregnancy Yoga – Backbends


There are a lot of rules out there about practicing pregnant: don’t twist, don’t invert, don’t practice mula bandha, don’t backbend. “Why…where did these rules come from?” I never found any good yogic or scientific reasons to back up these claims that were satisfactory to me.  I firmly believe that what is good for the mother, is good for the baby.

For me backbends have been a great way to to get lower back relief.

Somedays I use my swiss ball as a support when I don’t feel up to the full bridge (backbend).

You can modify your backbend to a half bridge, here is an example:


Be aware that all your ligaments will be a bit looser throughout your pregnancy due to “relaxin” (the body produces this during pregnancy because the bones and ligaments need to “soften” for childbirth…ligaments need to open around the hips so you can push the baby out, but your body doesn’t differentiate between ligaments in your hips and every other part of your body).

And remember backbends may not be for everyone during pregnancy…..

Your own intuitions will be sure to guide you in the right direction.


3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Yoga – Backbends

  1. Kia ora Aja, when studying to teach pregnancy yoga it was claimed that you do not wish to apply extra downward pressure (as is the case in a backbend) as you want the Baby to stay safely within until it comes time to birth. Also, if the placenta is low lying you especially do not want to be doing backbends or deep squats even for the risk of dislodging the placenta. My teacher at the time claimed that she miscarried directly following a backbend so particularly warns women against it …. anyway, just thought I would share … good to hear your thoughts & wishing you a happy pregnancy 🙂

    1. Hi Huia,

      Thanks for you comment…
      Yes I wouldn’t recommned backbends for everyone who is pregnant.
      Backbends have helped me personally through all of my pregnancies.
      I find that everyone has advice and recommendations or warnings for ‘the pregnant’ or carrying mom which can be confusing at times.
      It is important to listen to your body and first and foremost…
      for those who struggle to connect with what their bodies are telling them I would suggest to ask a Obstetrician, or someone who knows your personal situation (placenta positioning, history etc.) and body.
      Where do you teach pregnancy yoga? Perhaps share your link for those other mommas out there that are interested in giving it a go.
      xx Aja

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