Health, the ultimate gift! 

DETOX new packaging setup FLAT.jpgI recently had the pleasure of meeting Brett Elliott he is a natural herbalist from Tauranga New Zealand. He is the medical genius behind one of my favourite go to health product regimes: Brett Elliott’s Ultimate Herbal Detox Program

After meeting I realise we share the same passion for helping and supporting others who are looking to embark on a journey of self transformation.

I’ve used this detox system once a year for the last 5 years and it’s incredible! I cannot recommend it enough for people looking to reboot their systems, and cleans years of build up.

There are many ways to eliminate toxins from the body however the most popular, effective, and safest forms of detoxification are through Herbal Cleansers and Colon Hydrotherapy…for me it is Brett Elliott’s Ultimate Herbal Detox Program .

These plant-derived supplements (which are soluble and insoluble fiber) contain potent detoxifying herbs that assist your body in cleansing the colon of accumulated toxic build-up and impacted fecal matter and helps prevent the formation of new build-up.

Here are just some of the benefits of a detox:

Remove toxins from the body

Lose weight

Prevent chronic disease

Improve quality of life

Restore balance to our body’s systems

Enhance immune system function

 Increase energy

Slow premature ageing

Mental and emotional clarity

I truly believe you will not reach your health goals without hitting the reset button.

Give your body the opportunity to be its best, start the new year with a clean slate, order your kit Ultimate Herbal Detox enter ‘AJA10’ to redeem $10 off your kit today!

x Aja





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